Cleaning and declutter a small sewing quilt space.

The holidays are over so it’s time for a major sewing studio clean up! If you read my last post, you saw that I made seven quilts for Christmas. my sewing studio definitely needed a refresh after that! Follow along with me as I tidy up to make room for the next quilting project.

This post is definitely not a tutorial on how I organize (my fabric stash is all over the place). If you are a professional organizer and see this, please don’t judge!! 🙂

I just wanted to give a little glimpse of what a sewing room could look like after power sewing several quilts. I’m telling you that the fabric, thread and batting was thrown all over the room trying to get these quilts done before Christmas!! It was for sure time for a studio clean up!

But now it is time to start a new project and I always like to start with a nice, clean room. I don’t have to have my fabric stored perfectly in cubbies, even though I love that and wish I could do that too!! I just need a place where I can move my chair from my cutting table to my ironing station to my sewing machines. Room to breath, if you will.

Longarm Room

The first room I started with was my longarm room. That room wasn’t so bad but when loading quilts on the machine, there is a lot of loose thread everywhere. So I folded and put away the fabric that was in that room.

Then I put the bobbins in the organizer where they belonged. After that it was time to remove the lint and oil my longarm so it would also be nice and clean for the next project.

I have the King Quilter II Elite Longarm machine that I purchased from This is an awesome machine and I will do a post soon about the things that I love about it.

Anyway, if you own a longarm, you know that the machine needs to be cleaned and oiled after every project. If you watch my Youtube video below, you’ll see all of the lint buildup after just one quilt!!

After I cleaned and oiled the machine, it was time to roll up the pantograph that I taped to the back of the longarm and wipe it down really good so there was no more lint or thread.

Now it was time to sweep and mop the floor. I love using my swiffer to mop upstairs in my studio because it’s so lightweight and easy to get under the longarm.

Sewing Room

The room that I have been dreading for my studio clean up was next…my sewing room. This one was full of fabric, thread everywhere and little bits of everything thrown around. I made sure to vacuum my ironing table using my Shark vacuum that I love.

Then I folded and put away all of the fabric. This cleared up a lot of room. Now it was time to wipe off everything and then finally to sweep and vacuum.

I didn’t clean my sewing machines in that room because I cleaned those after I did my last quilt.

That’s it!! It really didn’t take me long at all but I am a major procrastinator and I always think that it will take me longer than it actually does.

Now I’m ready for my next epic quilt! Thanks for reading about my studio clean up! Stay tuned to see what I have planned next!!

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