Welcome to my studio!! I hope you will enjoy this quilt studio tour and getting a glimpse of where I live and work.

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My family and I live in a hundred year old house that previously belonged to my grandparents. To say that it is a work in progress would be an understatement! I am lucky enough to have the entire upstair’s rooms to myself and I am using them to their full potential!

Quilting studio room tour shows an efficient way to arrange a sewing room.

As I go up the steps, my office is on the right. I work from home one day a week so that is where I spend my time during that day. After work and on weekends, I use it to design patterns, research for my website, and other business functions.

The curtain that’s in the room was quilted by me on my long-arm. It was more of a practice project while learning to use the long-arm. I liked the colors so much that I just made it into a curtain! You are probably also starting to notice that the ceilings in all of the rooms are sloped. It’s perfect for me because I can stand up fully pretty much anywhere up there but my tall son and husband have a really hard time walking around the rooms.

The studio is around 90% complete so this room needs some bookshelves. For now, my books are on the floor which is okay. I’ll use them as I need them and we’ll eventually get some shelves up there. Keep watching my instagram for more updates!

An office with a quilted curtain

After the office, the room on the left of the stairs is my sewing room. I use that room to cut, press, and sew my projects together. My most used quilting rulers are on a picture ledge on the right, then my Silhouette Cameo and Curio. Those machines are a few years old and what I used to start crafting. They still work and do a great job cutting vinyl and whatever I need to cut with them. My Accuquilt Go is my go to when cutting fabric. Accuquilt has so many dies to chose from and cuts up to six pieces of fabric like butter! I only have a few dies from them but you will see me work with them occasionally during my tutorials.

The ironing table is to the right of the cutting table. I used an old table and made it into an ironing board by layering heat resistant batting and fabric. I have some different fabric to recover it someday but I like the way that it turned out. You can see the finished table below on my YouTube video. I use a PowerXL cordless iron that I purchased from Wal-Mart. I love that I can use it in any room that I need it.

To the right of my ironing table is my heat press. I purchased that heat press several years ago when I was really starting to use my Silhouette Cameo a lot. It helps when I press vinyl to a shirt so it will adhere properly. I have sense found that the heat press also works really well with laying seams extra flat when I piece quilts.

Then we get to my sewing machines. I have a BabyLock Vibrant Serger from Sewingmachinesplus.com, a BabyLock Brilliant, my first sewing machine was a Brother SE-400, and my favorite and newest machine which is a 1938 Singer Featherweight 221. That little machine is so light but it acts like an industrial machine. It’s so fun to work with!!

Several sewing machines are sitting on a table ready to sew while the cat is lazily sleeping on the chair.

As we head out of the room, we go into the very short hallway but it’s where I hung my quilt designer wall by Fons & Porter. I purchased the wall hanging from Amazon and it fits perfectly in the space. Sorry for the dark picture but we need more light in the hallway. I didn’t realize it but the light that I purchased was a very small light for under a counter so it doesn’t work up there but it’ll do for now.

A designer wall hangs in the hallway shown during the quilt studio tour

Now we are to the room that started it all. As I’m learning and mastering the art of quilting, I have come to find out that a Longarm machine would be the perfect addition to my quilting venture. I didn’t have room for a machine so we decided to completely clear out the upstairs rooms to make a space specifically for that machine. I ordered the machine from Sewingmachinesplus.com. It’s a King Quilter II Elite with a 12 foot frame and I absolutely love it! I haven’t been able to use it as much as I would like because we are just now finishing the rooms but I have big plans for it so stay tuned!

At the end of the quilt studio tour, a King Quilter II Elite Longarm quilting machine takes up all of the room with it's twelve foot frame.
King Quilter II Elite

That’s the quilt studio tour!! For a more in-depth tour showing all of my supplies, you can watch the YouTube video that I made showing all of the rooms. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel while you’re there to be updated on all of my videos!

Complete tour of my quilting studio

Thank you so much for taking the quilt studio tour with me. My husband has worked so hard on these rooms and he really appreciates all of your kind words. If you have any questions or need any links to products, please let me know! You can reach me by my contact page or on any social media channel. Just search for Angie’s Quilting Studio and you’re sure to find me!!

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