Cut. Press. Sew. Quilt. pattern from Lori Holt is perfect for wall hangings in a sewing space. They are all so cute and are a fun way to dress up the room to make it uniquely you.

Cut Press Sew Quilt wall hangings are perfect for a fun sewing space.
Cut Press Sew Quilt Wall Hangings

The wall hangings are currently hanging in the hallway as you walk into my sewing studio and I smile every time I go up to sew. That’s the emotions that I was definitely going for while making the Cut Press Sew Quilt hangings.

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To begin with any project, I pick out the fabric that I want to use and make sure that I have enough of it. With these projects, I used fabric left over from a quilt kit that I had purchased from a Lori Holt design.

The fabric collection is called Stitch and it was purchased from Fat Quarter Shop. Unfortunately, I had to supplement some scraps of other fabric that I had on hand because some pieces of the Lori Holt fabric weren’t big enough.

I can’t give you the exact dimensions of the fabric because I purchased the pattern but I cut out everything that I needed, then labeled them to keep them organized.

Fabric is cut and labeled. Ready for the Cut Press Sew and Quilt project.


Cut was the first wall hanging that I made. To tell you the truth, I’ve had this pattern for over a year now. The piecing really intimidated me. But as I started cutting and sewing, all the apprehension melted away.

The cut block features a large pair of cutting scissors.

As you can see, it’s a big pair of fabric scissors with the word “Cut” underneath. I was a lot of fun to make and wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Lori Holt’s patterns have excellent instructions so this would be perfect even for a beginner.


The next block that I made in the Cut Press Sew Quilt pattern is the Press block.

The Press block includes a vintage sewing machine that shows off my favorite floral fabric.
Press Block

I used some of my favorite fabric as the iron in this block. This fabric reminds me of the fabric design on the dresses that my grandma made a long time ago so it holds a special place in my heart.


Next is the Sew block. I’ve made a few sewing machine blocks and they are always so fun to do because they can be as modern or vintage as you want to make them. This one is on the modern side.

The sew block has a sewing machine and the little sewing needle is hand embroidered.
Sew Block

If you look closely, the needle on the sewing machine was hand embroidered. I’ve only done hand embroidery a few times but every time I do, it makes me want to transition to that because it is fun and looks so good. I decided that I want to incorporate hand embroidery in more of my projects so stay tuned for that!


The Quilt block was the biggest out of the four measuring 20″ x 26 1/2″. It was also my favorite to make because of the big quilt block on top.

The quilt block has a big block on top that is quilted using florals and loops.
Quilt Block

I wanted to go with some fun quilting on this block when I put it together so I used my book titled “180 Doodle Quilting Designs” and traced the design using my light box. Then I used the lines to sew the quilt together with my regular Babylock sewing machine.

It can’t be seen on the pictures but I sewed around the letters to make them pop and didn’t quilt them down. They all turned out so cute!!

I hope you enjoyed the Cut Press Sew Quilt blocks as much as I do!! If you want to see how I did the binding on the wall hangings, you can check out my latest blog post here. I do my binding a little differently than a lot of people because I love the simplicity of it.

My Youtube video went into a little more detail to how I made them so feel free to watch that also. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel while you’re there!! Thanks so much!

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  1. I love these quilting blocks, Angie! Even though I don’t quilt myself….yet, I always love seeing your designs! My problem is, I’m a craftaholic and there is only so much time in the day! One thing’s for sure, when I get around to quilting, I’ll be following your tutorials – you always make it look so easy even for beginners. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Jayne!! Stay tuned because I have some very beginner friendly patterns in the works. I would love to start some sew a longs to teach people that have never quilted or are semi-new at it!

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