Hi, I’m Angie!

I help busy women and men stop struggling to find the time to enjoy their quilting craft and start being confident and secure to actually complete a quilt even with their busy schedule.

I’m a self taught quilter and I love to share what I’ve learned in the quilting world since I started. After 26 years working for a government agency, I was looking for something to unleash my creativity. When my grandkids were born, I started making some clothes for them but I really found my passion when I made them a quilt.

Since then, I’ve learned and studied the trade and I’m excited to share my knowledge with others. The photo to the right is one of my first quilts that I’ve ever done. (Sorry for the blurry picture) I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into that one. I seem to find the most difficult quilts to conquer first! But I loved every single minute of it!!

Now I want to share and learn alongside you! Together we’ll learn how to sew a quilt, clean your sewing machines properly, quilting motifs, tools to use and time management to plan for quilting.

I hope what you find here is helpful, inspiring and encouraging!


Where you can find me!

You can find me on all social media! YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, even TikTok!! You’ll see some behind the scenes, projects that I’m currently working on and more! Hang out with me and give me a follow if you want. 🙂